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Pop up Parks is a global movement that supports, shares and implements projects that invite people to be more playful and creative in urban environments. We believe Pop up Parks improve communities by bringing people together to improve their surroundings through simple, creative and rapid changes to the built environment. 

21% of children in the UK play outdoors; for their parents, the figure was 71%

Play England, 2007

Over the past five years the emergence of pocket parks and pop-up park spaces has been growing globally. According to the UN, by 2030 the world will have over 40 mega-cities with 10 million inhabitants or more and by 2030, over 60% of the world’s population will live in urban areas. As the world becomes more urbanised so does peoples' desire to find outside spaces where they can play, socialise, collaborate and enjoy the benefits of the natural and built environment. 

This website has been designed to support the Pop up Parks movement by: 

  1. showcasing pop-up park projects in the UK and across the world;
  2. providing resources and online support to those wishing to create a pop-up park project;
  3. encouraging greater sharing and knowledge transfer from projects globally.

The website has a simple call to action: Discover, Do, Share. We want to foster a movement and grow an expanding community of people wishing to transform our every increasing urban world to ensure that spaces and places have people at the heart of them.

Are you working on a pop-up park project? Share your story with us