The Concept 

'Pop up Lock up' was a concept designed by Pop up Parks in consultation with the local community of Peckham in London. The idea was to create a secure lock up space that could store materials designed with local children and families and drawing from the materials used by Pop up Parks. The lock up would then be accessible to those who signed up to it. Ultimately the secure pop-up unit would belong to the community.


The idea behind the pop-up is that it would enable people to come together, meet one another and create their own mini park spaces. The focus was on early years education and supporting children aged 0-5 and their families. The proposed area for the site was in densely populated of London with large population of young families. The project would help children gain access to public space where they could be more playful, creative and physically active, a great addition to the local high street.

The box full open and operational.

The box closed and packed away ready for the next Pop up Park. 

The project is still at concept phase.