A project with support from Guy's & St Thomas' Charity in Partnership with The Design Council to run a programme of Pop up Parks in areas of deprivation across Lambeth and Southwark in London.

The Brief

Working with support from Guy's & St Thomas' Charity as part of the Knee High Design Programme, run by The Design Council, Pop up Parks responded to a design challenge: to improve the health and wellbeing of children under the age of five, and their parents and careers, in two densely populated areas of London. To help bring the concept of a Pop up Park to areas of deprivation (defined by lack of green space, low social economic regions, urbanised environment), this project set about designing a mobile vehicle with storage capacity that could be driven to areas that most needed the intervention. The vehicle could form part of the park and its contents could be quickly deployed out of the back of the vehicle to 'pop-up' a park in 30 minutes.

The vehicle selected was a retired London Ambulance, Renault Master Van. It was considered that taking a vehicle that had once been used as an emergency ambulance and converted into a vehicle that could help prevent health issues, was a good sustainable use for something that would normally be scrapped. 

In the first instance design work was done to develop a concept of how the vehicle would function and be used. 

Download a full design manifestation concept demonstrating how the vehicle could be transformed.

The Design solution

Once purchased, the ambulance stripped of all identification, the internal was gutted and for with storage units and graphics where applied to bring a new identity. 



Download a full graphics design concept.

The finalised Pop up Park's vehicle became a feature of pop-up work, mobilising the project and becoming a strong brand of the work carried out in London.