This international event is a joint project of the Child in the City Foundation and the European Network of Child Friendly Cities (ENCFC). The world conference, which takes place every two years, is a key opportunity for children’s professionals, city planners, geographers and policy makers to share knowledge, good practice and research findings from the various disciplines that are important to the shared aim of creating child-friendly cities.

The conference will begin on Monday 24th of September with a plenary session, and will finish on Wednesday 26th of September in the afternoon. Several parallel sessions, interactive workshops and field trips will be held over the event’s three days.

Conference themes:

  • Children and young people in a digital world. How are children and young people’s rights to cultural and social freedom – and their need to use and create their own media for this – balanced with society’s duty to protect them from abuse and exploitation and to promote healthy, active lifestyles?
  • Children’s rights in urban development and regeneration. How do cities ensure children’s rights are not compromised either by the imperative for economic growth, gentrification, or the budget pressures on social planning?
  • Equality and diversity in the child friendly city. How are changing identity politics affecting children, and what is the role of local government in ensuring that young people do not experience discrimination?
  • Mobility and access to the child friendly city. What are municipalities doing to counter increasing constraints on children and young people’s mobility? How are housing, traffic management, transport and other public infrastructures catering for their right to follow their own play, cultural and recreational lives with appropriate degrees of independence, regardless of impairment or disability?

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