Pop Up Park movement


Find out more about the emerging movement of pop-up park spaces and places that are encouraging more play, creativity and better health outcomes.


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How to do it yourself


Find out how you can create your own interventions by using how to guides, materials and by exploring what other projects have done.


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Share your story


Help grow this website as a resource to support others to develop pop-up and pocket park spaces in towns and cities across the world. Find out more.


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  • Canterbury Square, Brixton

    This project worked in partnership with Lambeth Council in London and was led by the Pop up Parks design team to bring playful interventions into a public realm development. Read more

  • Barbican Blocks, London

    Barbican Blocks is a multi-textured, multi-coloured installation designed to be the perfect playful compliment to the iconic Barbican foyers in London. Read more

  • Pop up Lock up

    A project concept to bring a 'Pop up Lock up' unit to enable children and families to create a secure and creative Pop up Park play space near to a busy shopping high street. Read more

  • Mobile Pop up Parks

    To help bring Pop up Parks to the doorsteps of those who most needed them, this project took a former Ambulance and converted it into a Pop up Parks mobile vehicle. Read more